Sunday 15th January


The registration desk will be open so that you can register, collect your schwag etc and generally settle in. The registration desk is located in the Caro centre, right beside the main theatre and very to close to the Studio room. A map can be found here: (Building M on the first map)

This rego desk will open at 2pm on Sunday 15th and shut at 9pm that evening.

Speaker Briefing Session and room familiarisation

Meet at 1870 Founders Theatre (big one with red seats to the right of Registration Desk) Sunday 15th, 3pm. Approximately 1-2hrs.

There will be a session on the Sunday afternoon especially for Speakers to allow familiarisation with rooms and audiovisual equipment. This is highly recommended for all Speakers. The Speaker Briefing Session will cover things such as;

  • Room familiarisation - where lights are, operation of lectern, ability to 'get a feel' for the space
  • Operation of microphones, including wireless microphone and handheld microphone
  • Ability to do equipment check in room - such as connecting your laptop etc
  • Run through of how the Room Manager will manage each room, including things such as introductions, letting the Room Manager know the pronunciation of your name, timekeeping arrangements, and (although we'll not likely need it), what will happen if there's offensive material in your presentation.

If you are not arriving at until after 3pm on Sunday 15th, and would like a familiarisation session, please shoot an email to and we will try to arrange another session for the evening of Monday 16th.

Newcomers Session

Never been to before? No problems! Whilst the conference isn't an impenetrable mystery, there are a lot of tips to be had from those who have attended it in the past to make sure you get the most out of the week. The Newcomer's Session brings together our newest delegates with our most experienced delegates for a chance to find out more about the folklore and traditions of, and how to get the most out of the conference.

PresenterRusty Russell
DateSunday 15th January
Where: Caro