Miniconfs are miniature conferences, held prior to the formal opening of LCA2012, which are targeted towards specific communities and areas of interest. They provide delegates an opportunity to network with other enthusiasts while immersing themselves in a specific topic or project.

Whilst not a formal part of 2012, the miniconfs are free for anyone who has registered for the main conference. Those speaking at the miniconfs will need to register for 2012 in order to attend on the Monday.

For LCA2012, we will be holding mini-confs on Monday the 16th of January prior to the formal conference start on Tuesday the 17th of January. This allows us to pack in another amazing day of talks as part of the main conference, however the trade-off is that it does limit the number of mini-confs that we will be able to host.

For further information or if you have any queries, please contact

Important Dates

Call for Miniconfs opensMonday 20th June 2011
Call for Miniconfs closesMonday 18th July 2011
Proposal owners notified of successMid August 2011
Conference beginsMonday 16th January 2012

Selected Mini-Confs

Mini-Conf Organiser/s Website
Open ProgrammingChristopher Neugebauer
Multimedia and musicJonathan Woithe
Haecksen / LinuxChixLana Brindley
BrowsersShane Stephens
SysAdminSimon Lyall
ArduinoJon Oxer
High availability and distributed storageTim Serong and Stewart Smith
Business of Open SourceMartin Michlmayr and Bob Waldie